Growth Factor Serum 1.7 oz

Active Ingredients Distilled water, epidermal growth factor complex, aloe vera gel, fumaric acid, superoxide dismutase, essential oils, (tangerine, lemon, rosewood, bergamot) xanthan gum, and benzyl alcohol.

Product Information

Growth Factor Serum 1.7 oz

The serum is an excellent home care moisturizers. It contains a higher concentrate of epidermal growth factor and provides a silky sensation as it is massaged into the skin. The additional antioxidants and essential oils boost up the nutrient support for the skin.

“Growth Factor Serum = WOW WOW WOW!!”- Marie-Claire Edouarzin – Visage by Marie Claire – Glendale, CA

Recommended Use

Growth Factor Serum is a must after microdermabrasion, AHA exfoliants, enzymes and post peel. This may be used on all skin types for regeneration support. Apply daily to freshly cleansed skin.


The serum is an excellent home care moisturizer. It contains a higher concentrate of epidermal growth factor. Heat Sensitive* Our goal is to bring you the freshest, most natural products available. Nearly all of our products contain organic compounds and specific actives that may be affected by extremely hot temperatures. In order to insure that your products arrive fresh, allowing a longer shelf life, we will begin shipping our most heat-sensitive products in special, reusable freeze-pak shipping packages during our summer season. This will increase some shipping fees. Thank you for your support and understanding in our endeavors to assure the finest and highest quality products for you to offer your clients.